Past Projects - Heidenhain TNC530i HSCI

Heidenhain TNC530i HSCI
We completed the upgrade of a TNC530 to the latest TNC530i HSCI on a Breton CNC Gantry Mill at an F1 team. Working closely with Breton's UK engineers we carried out the upgrade to match as closely to Breton's latest machines with similar functionalty and screens.This has given a new lease of life to an older machine allowing faster machining to be acheived.
The original TNC530 was removed including the remote I/O unit and related equipment and a new TNC530i HSCI CNC fitted and integrated into the machine controls.
The standard Heidenhain PLC program was then modified to match as close as possible to the Breton Standard. Following completion we worked closely with the customer and added some additional features to their specification.
New HSCI and I/O integrated into existing panel
New pendant with Screen and keyboard
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