News for 2020

2020 looks to have Robotics and IOT equipment as two very active areas.
We continue to offer our services for Control System Design and Manufacture and in conjunction with our partners we can offer comprehensive solutions in Motion Control and CNC Retrofitting.

We have been active with customers in producing lower volume standard products and this is an area we shall be looking to increase over the year. We are also continuing to develop some of our own standard products that we are hoping to offer to the market place on relation to motion control and robotics.

Cartesian & Articulated Robots
APS Standard System
Stepper/Servo Systems
We offer a range of PLC and HMI's.
As UK agents we have a direct link to the OEM's.
Free Software both with off-line simulation.
Complete Automation Solutions
We are in development with a UK Based Motion Control OEM to develop controls for Articulated and Cartesian Robot
We are developing a standard APS System. Aimed at giving simple and flexible programming with PLC,HMI and Drives all packaged into one allowing Pick & Place and similar applications to be easily setup.
We are working with several manufacturers to bring a range of Stepper and Servo Drives and Motors.
All working with our range of controllers to bring a complete start to finish Automation Solution.
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